Global Poultry Source Offers Complete Line of Ventilation and Insulation Products

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (Feb. 27, 2021) – Global Poultry Source now offers a line of ventilation and insulation options for poultry houses.

“Good ventilation makes it possible for chickens to thrive in densely populated poultry houses,” Global Poultry Source International Sales Manager Jimeno Gutierrez said. “It also reduces the building cost per unit housed. This is economically important since it reduces production and labor costs.”

Fans are available ranging from 36-inch basket to 54-inch variable speed that optimize energy use and the ability to move air efficiently.

Global Poultry Source also offers various types of insulation for poultry houses including wood, false ceilings, cellulose, fiberglass, tri-ply, as well as insulation accessories. In addition, the company offers brooders, controllers and sensors.

Global Poultry Source, a full-service supplier of hatching eggs, poultry production equipment, vaccinator equipment and vaccines, serves customers throughout the world from its headquarters in Gainesville, Ga. For more information, see or call 678-498-1970.